Bring your preferred sunscreen, board shorts/swim suits, and towels. We recommend applying sunscreen on your face, neck, hands and on the back of your legs. Do this 10-15 minutes prior to your lesson and this will allow the sunscreen to soak in and offer the best protection.

why are lessons only available in the morning hours?

Kiva will try to get his clients the best conditions possible, which tend to be in the morning. In the afternoon, the trade winds pick up and UV rays are stronger, so he would prefer to take you out during better morning conditions.



what time shall we arrive for our lesson?

Please allow enough travel time on the road to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your surf lesson. This will give you enough time to prepare for your lesson to apply sunscreen and get suited up. This will all help you all get more time to surf! 

what is your cancellation policy?

what is the age requirement?

Surf lessons must be cancelled 24 hours prior to lesson start time or you will be charged full-price for the lesson.

Children ages 5 and up will be provide a life jacket and be on a surfboard with Kiva. If there are mulitple children in the lesson, there will be a rotation to ensure a safe and fun lesson! Older children 8 years and up will be assesed on their swimming and paddling endurance levels and may be able to graduate to surfing on their own surfboard.

Adults should be able to swim, in good physical health and anticipate a fun workout!

There will be a liability waiver form attached in your confirmation email, please review it here as well:

do i need to sign a waiver form?